Buying Houses For Sale in Turkey

Buying Houses For Sale in Turkey

Buying Houses For Sale in Turkey

When considering buying a property in Turkey, you have many options. You can buy a property that is off-plan or on the market, but it is advisable to use a qualified real estate professional. This way, you can be sure of the property’s condition and avoid the hassle of unplanned expenses. In addition, Turkish property is generally very affordable compared to other countries. It has become one of the most popular foreign purchasing destinations.

Turkey has a huge real estate market and there are hundreds of properties available for sale. There are also many real estate agents in the country. Choosing the right real estate agent can make the process go much faster. You can ask for recommendations from friends and family who have bought property in Turkey. It is also important to build a rapport with the real estate agent so that you are able to make good decisions.

Turkey is a popular choice for foreign buyers because of its unique lifestyle. The country combines a Western way of life with a traditional economic environment. Because of this, buying property in Turkey is a great investment choice. The country’s legal system and housing trends have also been adjusted, making it an excellent option for property investment.


Cost of buying a house in Turkey

The cost of buying a house in Turkey can vary depending on the type of property and the size. There are some fixed costs and others that are variable, such as property taxes. Here are the basic expenses you should know about. Once you know the cost of these expenses, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can expect to pay when buying property in Turkey.

The main fee when buying a property in Turkey is the commission that real estate agents charge. Usually, they will charge around 2% of the sales price. But this can vary significantly from property to property, and you should also check if the commission will be split between the seller and buyer. Some real estate consultants also make year-long contracts with housing projects and don’t charge their clients a commission.

Real estate prices in Turkey are generally cheaper than in other parts of the world. Buying a house in Turkey can be a great opportunity for international property investors. The prices in many parts of the country are still significantly lower than their counterparts, which makes the investment an ideal choice for long-term investment. In addition to this, a well-maintained property will offer a massive return on investment.


Legality of buying a house in Turkey

When buying a house in Turkey, it is important to know the legality of the transaction. You can do this by using a certified real estate agent. It is also important to understand the legal documents required by the local government. You can get more information about these documents by searching on Google. For example, a residence permit in Turkey is required before you can live in your new home.

In Turkey, the transfer of property must be made at a land registry office, called “Tapu Dairesi” in Turkish. In order to complete the transaction, you need to pay the total sales price at this office and sign the title deed, usually with a lawyer. The real estate transaction fees in Turkey are around 4% of the sales price of the property.

Aside from a residence permit, you also need to have a Turkish ID or passport on hand. It is also important to have a residence permit if you’re purchasing property in a military zone. In addition to these documents, you must obtain a legal Iskan16 document to register your property. It takes three to four days to complete the entire process. Altin Turk Investment, which offers house and villa options for sale in different cities of Turkey, offers you an affordable price and satisfaction guarantee.



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