How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship

How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

If you’re interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship, here are some helpful tips. Learn how to purchase real estate property in Turkey, invest in government securities, and apply for Turkish citizenship by marriage. In addition, discover how to renounce your citizenship at age 38. After reading these tips, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining Turkish citizenship.


Invest in government securities

If you are thinking about investing in Turkish government securities, you should know a few things about the country. The country’s legal system is fairly solid. Property rights are generally protected. The government has a robust system to register and record real estate ownership. However, investors should take note that the GOT seized more than 1,100 companies, including significant real estate holdings, after a July 2016 coup attempt.

The Turkish government issues Treasury Bills and Government Bonds. These are fixed-income investments, which means that they pay a fixed amount of interest on an ongoing basis and eventually return the principal amount at maturity. These securities are longer-term investments than Treasury Bills, which provide a short-term investment opportunity. In addition, Treasury Bills and Government Bonds are convertible into cash, meaning you can cash out at any time.


Buy real estate property in Turkey

There are a variety of benefits to buying real estate property in Turkey with Turkish citizenship. These benefits include full citizenship and the right to bring family members. Additionally, Turkey is an economic and political hub that spans two continents. In addition, purchasing real estate property in Turkey with Turkish citizenship allows foreigners to invest in a safe and secure country. The application process is simple and can be completed in as little as 24 hours. To get started, an investor can visit the Prime Property Turkey website. The website features a selection of properties that are suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through a bank transfer. Once you have purchased property in Turkey, you must make sure that you won’t sell it for a period of three years. To ensure that you’re not scammed, you can also request a valuation of the property from a specialized organization. This will ensure that the title deed is correct and that the price recorded is accurate. In addition, it is necessary to hire a reputable real estate agent to assist you with this process. As Altin Turk Investment, we are happy to help you with our expert staff in obtaining Turkish citizenship by acquiring property.


Renounce Turkish citizenship at the age of 38

If you are under the age of 38, you can renounce Turkish citizenship without the need to perform military service or pay an exemption fee. However, if you are older than 38, you can no longer use this method of renunciation. However, you still have some time before you are required to go through the entire process since you can still apply for a deferment.


In order to renounce Turkish citizenship, you must request the Ministry of Interior. After this step, you should apply to obtain citizenship in a foreign country. After receiving the approval, you should be able to acquire citizenship in that country within six to twelve months.


Apply for Turkish citizenship by marriage

If you want to apply for Turkish citizenship by marriage, you’ll need to meet the following requirements. Your marriage must have lasted at least three years and must be valid under Turkish law. If you’re claiming Turkish citizenship after a marriage that is not legal, it will be subject to review by Turkish authorities.

The real estate market is growing in Turkey, so you can get a Turkish passport by purchasing a property. To get Turkish citizenship through this route, you will need to obtain a Turkish Tax Registration Number and open a Turkish bank account in Turkey. You’ll also need to buy a property worth at least US $ 400,000. This can be a single residence or several, as long as the property is located in the country.



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